Digital marketing – Banner ads

iOS App – Meitan
Brands: Rakuten, Rocket Internet, SkinnyMint
Designed in: Chinese, Bahasa, English, Vietnamese.
Challenges: Create high perfomance banners with difference languages and cultures

From Ratith

Fast, effective, a perfectionist.
That's how I would describe Chou. As a dedicated person on Regional Design Center for ZALORA SEA online marketing,
Chou is the person that I will count on for all of ZALORA's beautiful banners for our online marketing campaign.
It's been very easy for us to give direction to her, and she'll implemented our learnings and findings to create a high Click Trough Rate banners.
Chou managed a wonderful team in ZALORA design center in Vietnam, and she never disappointed us with her logic behind the make-sense banner.
Looks easy, but if you're dealing with direct market, subjectivity doesn't matter cause the number won't lie.
Her power is by being a consistent leader and by neglecting mediocrity.
It's been a pleasure to working with her.